Dr Tim Pearce Models

Model for Dr Tim Pearce

Worldwide injectable treatment expert

This is a unique opportunity to have treatment with the world-renowned Dr Tim Pearce.

Since founding SkinViva Clinic and SkinViva Training Academy, Dr Tim has gone on to create Dr Tim Ltd, training other practitioners in his skills and techniques. He’s become one of the world’s leading experts in aesthetics and regularly attends conferences to share his thinking. He also has a weekly YouTube show dedicated to  the promotion of safe and effective aesthetic treatments.

Dr Tim no longer offers treatment at SkinViva clinic, BUT if you’re willing to have your treatment filmed and used in for marketing activity, he is seeking models who can have discounted treatment with the man himself!

If you would like to be considered as a model for Dr Tim, please complete the application form below – you must include three photos of your front and both side profiles for Dr Tim to assess your requirements and suitability.

If you are suitable, treatment will take place at Dr Tim’s studio based in Holmes Chapel. If any follow-up is required, this will take place at SkinViva Clinic based in Manchester with another member of our clinical team.

Filming will take place on specific dates and for specific treatment areas – please contact us for further information and pricing.

Please be sure to read all the FAQs below to fully understand the treatment and filming terms and conditions.

Dr Tim Models

Dr Tim Models FAQ

How long will my appointment last?
Your appointment duration will depend on the treatment being carried out. But an average appointment could last between 1.5 – 3 hours. Do allow plenty of time out of your day, as this will be filmed and photographed throughout, and treatment could stop and start to allow for this.
What publicity will this involve?
Your treatment will be filmed and photographed throughout. He may also do a couple of short interviews to get your reactions before, during or after treatment.

Any photos/videos/interview may be used on Dr Tim Pearce’s and SkinViva’s website and social media. This will be fully explained and you’ll be asked to confirm your agreement in a standard media consent.

What are the prices?
We don’t publish a set price list for treatment with Dr Tim, as every treatment is individually planned and quoted accordingly. Please contact us for further information.

Dr Tim’s prices are higher than our normal model rates in the training academy, but they’re still heavily discounted.

Can I get treatment with Dr Tim without modelling?
Dr Tim Pearce no longer offers treatment in clinic by appointment, so the only way to be treated by him is as a model on one of his filming days.
Can I claim transport/fuel costs?

Sorry, we do not reimburse travel as the treatment itself is very heavily discounted

Where can I find out more about Dr Tim?

Dr Tim’s website is written for aesthetic professionals, but you’ll find lots of useful information – drtimpearce.com.

In addition, you can find Dr Tim Pearce on Instagram and find hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel

Can I go back to see Dr Tim for follow-up?

If you need any kind of follow-up, this will be held at SkinViva in Manchester. Your appointment will be with another clinician.

How To Find Dr Tim’s Studio

Cotton Court, Middlewich Road, Holmes Chapel, CW4 7ET

It’s easy to find, just off junction 18 of the M6, and there is plenty of free parking!

Dr Tim Ltd

Cotton Court, Middlewich Rd,
Holmes Chapel, Crewe CW4 7ET, UK

Application Form

    Contact Information:

    Please upload 3 photos for Dr Tim to assess.
    No facial expression, no filter, front and side profile. Max file size 8MB per image.

    Please explain what you are looking to improve or achieve.